My name is Effie Rose, founder and florist behind Atelier Fleur. For those of you who may not know, Atelier Fleur is French for 'Flower Workshop'. 

I am a St Kilda based Melbourne florist and I’ve created my workshop with a purpose of providing fresh, mindfully sourced and individually handcrafted flowers to local my St Kilda community. We also cater for the wider Melbourne community, delivering flowers to over 100 different locations across Melbourne.

Flowers have always played a part in my life and I've always considered myself a creative and tactile person, performing best when surrounded by creative individuals in creative environments. 

After graduating from my law degree in Tasmania, I relocated to Melbourne and practiced in both the family law and the health care sector. During this time I met some great people and encountered some great experiences.  However, I never felt fully fulfilled or satisfied in my career.  

It was for this reason I decided to quit my day job in pursuit of my daydream and I haven't looked back since! I wake up everyday excited for what the future holds, fully grateful for what I've been through and what has led me to where I am now. 

Flowers have an immediate impact on our happiness, positive effects on our mood, and the proven ability to strengthen our connections to people, places and things.

With this in mind it's my mission to provide accessible blooms that turn your space into a place by inviting happiness, love and joy into your world.

Click here to send flowers now. We offer same day flower delivery on all flower Melbourne flower orders placed before 1pm.